08 March 2006

How to have a justified birthday

1. Take a risk
2. Pick your own.
3. Wait.
4. Be thoughtful.

5. Decide on chocolate or vanilla icing.

It is Juno’s birthday. You have been waiting for this day. Because on your birthday you picked Diana to help you pass out the cupcakes. And you picked Juno to help you go around the classes to give out the extra cupcakes. Diana didn’t pick you for both jobs because she’s too cool for you and she already has two best friends.
And you knew it.
But you still took the risk.
Now, it’s up to Juno. You calculated in your head. She has no other close friends. And you exchange at least one sentence to her everyday.Plus, there are only 5 more birthdays left of the year.
And they’re all boys.
You need this.

Class begins.
She puts down the Macy boxes, you know that are full of cupcakes.
You wait.
Lunch time.
Don’t be too forward.
“Hey, who are you going to pick to pass out cupcakes and go around the classes with you?”
“Probably Diana and Stephanie.”

Hold in your screams.
“Yeah, they already asked me.”
“But I picked you for mine.”
“Well. They asked me first. They…”

You don’t hear what she says.
It doesn’t make sense at all.
You calculated.
What happened?
Recess time? More like hoping that cupcake goes up her butt time.

Back in class.
Mrs. Lax sees your face.
“Are you alright?”
You nod as you eat your chocolate frosted doughnut.


Blogger Colin said...

So here's the deal, Angel Yau....

I enjoy your writing.

I miss your face.

I need...many hugs from you, and possible fly faces. We shall chat soon, I promise!

Nice work, lady face, too much love!


1:56 AM, March 13, 2006  

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