19 March 2006

How to get food.

1. Ask.
2. Embellish.
3. Take desperate measures.

Mom is in the kitchen cooking dinner. It’s white rice and some sort of marinated chicken intestine. Dad is in the dining room reading the newspaper. You told your mom that you were hungry but she said you have to wait. You cannot wait. You’re hungry now! But she wouldn’t let you eat ANYTHING! Be mad at her. You want to die of starvation to show her that she should have at least fed you bread.
Decide to pretend faint. Just to see what they would do.
You go to the living room and try to naturally fall down.
But that seems like it would hurt.
So you just lie down on your stomach. Slowly.
You close your eyes.
You wait.
You hear your mom putting the cover on the pot.
You hear your dad flipping newspaper pages.
You wait.
You hear your mom sitting down at the table with dad.
Dad is flipping pages.
You wait.
You hear your mom setting the table with bowls and eating utensils.
Your dad begins to eat.
You wait.
You wait.
You wait.
You open one eye.
Open the other.
Stand up.
Go to the dining room and put white rice in your bowl.


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